EMConsulting Review – Is the broker licensed and can you make money?


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Is EMConsulting a Scam Platform?

EMConsulting Forex broker belongs to Infinium Solutions Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. While this offshore island has a financial regulator, FSU belongs to a Tier3 zone. The broker can simply pay for the license and get it without any special requirements or forming a compensation fund. The Tier3 license is useless unless the broker applies for Tier1 regulation along.
Upon checking EMConsulting regulation status, we have confirmed that the company is not registered by the FSU of Dominica or any Tier1 regulatory body, such as FCA, ASIC, and BaFin.
It’s important to mention that the owner runs other two fraudulent domains – FCTrading and GMGroup, banned in Italy, Spain, and the UK.
EMConsulting is not a legitimate brokerage. The firm is based offshore and has no financial regulations. The owner was banned in Spain for another fraudulent domain, FCTrading.

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